Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sound Thought 2012, 2-3 March, The Arches, Glasgow

The annual festival of mould-breaking music, sound and performance research returns.

Brought to you by Glasgow University postgraduate students and the Arches, Sound Thought is two days of interdisciplinary compositions, performances, installations, presentations and provocations - across disciplines, between genres and way beyond expectations...

This year, performances will focus on the idea of music as gift: what’s offered, and what’s returned? What’s at stake in the exchange? Do gifts require justification, or is it the thought that counts?

Expect blindfold journeys through dark corridors, noise, argument, pop song endurance and outright murder, lost correspondence to Chris De Burgh, ultra-minimal improv, the most exciting chamber ensemble in the country, stupidity, seriousness, and music for understanding, transgression and change…

Featured artists include: Edit Point, Neil Davidson and Liene Rozite, F.K.Alexander, Wounded Knee, Jer Reid and Jenny Soep, Julia Scott, Emily Shepherd, Julien Lonchamp, Viridian Quartet, Brink Improv, Charles Ross, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, Paul Henry, Chris Hutchings, Claire Healy


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  1. I wondered if you had seen this, a record player that plays slices of wood: http://vimeo.com/30501143